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Sadly I couldn't finish the game in time.

Please follow me on twitter @i208iN if you are interested in playing the game, I will finish it in the coming days.

I don't advise you to play the game in this state.

Version 0.0.0
First upload of the game ! In this state the game isn't quite playable, you can have a grasp of the gameplay. I uploaded because I force myself to send my submissions to jams even if I couldn't finish on time.

Things that work:

  • Click the Essence Egg on the right to earn essence points.
  • Essence points are converted into eggs by the factories (the only thing on the board at the beginning).
  • Eggs score points while they're on the board.
  • The player earn these points as money when an egg is destroyed by either going off the map or bumping into another egg.
  • Eggs often loot items when they get destroyed. Such items can be placed on the board by paying their price.
  • Items effects on egg work.
  • Click to rotate arrows. Shift + Click to shift their changing sequence 1 step forward.
Things that don't work:

  • Loot Items don't cost anything.
  • Items descriptions are missing.
  • Indication texts are mostly missing.
  • The available item set does not allow for a good gameplay.
  • The transaction line at the top isn't used.
  • The flowers in the balance line at the top don't do anything.
  • There is no saving system.
Known bugs:

  • The game is unplayable due to a resolution issue. This is fixed in 0.0.1.
  • There might be an empty item spawning in the loot box.

Version 0.0.1
Quick bug fix for the resolution issue. The game now puts itself in windowed mode with a 640x640 resolution, as intended in its design. This prevents the mouse interaction to go crazy. #badcoding


  • Mouse interaction not working due to a resolution issue.


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Very interesting game. Clicker + board game + management = billient-!